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IWC Replica Watches

IWC Replica Watches's most important collection launch since Royal Oak shares one thing with the milestone of 1972: it is attracting a great deal of controversy.

IWC Replica Watches launched a brand-new collection in a glitzy, curated event on Saturday night. Some say that CODE 11.59, the brand's latest collection, is the most important launch in 47 years, since the Royal Oak was launched in 1972. It features long-awaited manufacturing movements, and boasts a dizzying array of 13 watches. Its launch,IWC Replica Watches whether for good or bad reasons, is attracting controversy just like its predecessor from 1972.

Watch enthusiasts have spent a few hours hyperventilating about the images that were released on the Web. They also flexed their wit with a prolonged sneeze. Let's now see if we can hear what Audemars is trying to communicate via CODE 11.59.

IWC Replica Watches says CODE is Challenge, Own Dare, Evolve, and 11.59 represents the last minute of time before it flits into a new day. Jasmine Audemars explains that "At IWC Replica Watches we are constantly challenging ourselves to push the boundaries of craftsmanship." We are proud to own our territory and roots,Patek Philippe Replica and we have a strong sense of independence. We dare to combine precision with creativity. We are loyal to our heritage and continue to evolve, preserving and rewriting tradition. "11.59 is always ahead of the curve, on the edge of tomorrow."

Francois-Henry Bennahmias is the CEO of IWC Replica Watches. "Classic in nature, unconventional in design, Code 1159 by IWC Replica Watches has it all." This collection required new tools, techniques and skills to achieve an exceptional level of technical and artistic complexity.